Real Time POS Offers Comprehensive Hosted Private Cloud Functionality


Purchase the Software & Host it Yourself


Although RealTimePOS may be implemented at a single site, the true value can be found in its ability to scale to a business with thousands of work stations spread over many sites. This Smart Client solution can be hosted using one of four worldwide datacenters, or it can be self hosted by a customer. The Head Office console allows for the management of the entire system from within a single application. Users are able to create and define information parameters of the entire enterprise from any PC that is connected to the datacenter, thus allowing users to make changes instantly if necessary. With superior n-tier architecture, scalability, resiliency, integration, and flexible deployment options RealTimePOS is the complete solution to orchestrate your POS technology needs. Company-wide software implementations can challenge even the most efficient corporate project team. RealTimePOS can provide professional services including project management, software customization, data conversion and custom training to support a corporate retailer’s transition to RealTimePOS.  

 * Take advantage of the savings and total cost of ownership afforded by a Smart Client  Solution
  * Gain access to a leading edge retail solution without a large capital investment
  * Experience minimal up-front costs as compared to a traditional licensed software model
  * Scale your investment with RealTimePOS as your company grows
  * Treat the recurring subscription fees as an expense

Simple, Intuitive & Effective

  • Real-time transactions occur via the web to a central data center, so all sales and customer details are live and accessible 24/7
  • Cashiers can look-up stock in other stores, in real time
  • Cashiers can initiate stock transfers from other stores, in real time
  • Special Orders are created intuitively – And automatic real time transfers are generated to other locations, alternatively an automatic purchase order is generated for the Head Office to process – All in real time.
  • Special order deposits by type of sales order – set by head office
  • Customer charge and store credits, accounts receivable functionality with charge limits, etc…
  • Sell products from multiple store / warehouse locations
  • Multiple bar codes accepted for each product at point of sale
  • Suggested Cross Sell
  • Multiple payment methods accepted (unlimited per transaction)
  • Fast payment tendering with ‘quick cash’ tender feature
  • Gift Cards can be sold and redeemed across all store locations
  • View customers order history from any store, within seconds, anytime in real time
  • Staff can reprint receipts from any terminal
  • Individual or bulk product discounts applied to orders (% or $) – controlled by head office
  • Security controlled access for each cashier transaction
  • Fast & easy Inventory look-ups
  • Hold and resume a sale
  • Centralized customer database with loyalty program features, customer return management
  • Customer comments field available for each sale (internal staff comments, and external comments for customer receipts)
  • Find Customers, Receipts, Special Orders & Products quickly & easily
  • Touch Screen Ready
  • Sales reports can be run instantly for all stores, with many report variables
  • Create a sales receipt from a portable device
  • Take credit card payments via the integrated payment gateway
  • Unlimited price levels – can be applied to department, category or sub category
  • Easy end of day or shift procedures - End of day z-outs, access to previous z-outs
  • Employee time-clock – reported in real time to head office

Real Time Inventory Control

  • Advanced and Efficient Operations
  • View all stock, for all stores, in one screen, live! No delays in ‘up to the minute’ stock levels – it’s all in real-time
  • Transfer stock from one store to another in seconds
  • View Item score card (by item, department, category, style or vendor)
  • Allocate stock from central location within the transfer order
  • Email purchase orders directly to your suppliers
  • View historical purchase orders, prices and quantities by product, or by supplier
  • Find out which products are best and worse sellers, then easily re-order stock or transfer to another store
  • Set minimum stock levels for automated stock re-order points / replenishment
  • Stocks re-order feature allows you to order stock from multiple suppliers within minutes. Reports display product daily sell rates, days of stock on hand, and forecasted units required for re-order
  • Partially receive stock, and use purchase order ‘back-order’ feature to track unfilled quantities
  • Upon receiving stock in, you can change cost prices, quantity received, import or freight costs, and record suppliers invoice number details against the purchase order
  • Generate a Payable for the vendors invoice and then pay the vendor using the payables module
  • Track vendor payments along with payment information (check, cc, etc.)
  • Bar Code Management – generate single bar code labels, or mass print multiple product labels upon stock receipt
  • Full Serial Number tracking – purchasing, receiving, transfers and at point of sale
  • Each product can have multiple product codes and bar codes – all of which will be quickly identified upon being scanned at point of sale
  • Physical Inventory counts are fast, and live. Just scan your stock, which can be transmitted wirelessly into your database. Or manually enter stock levels into the Physical Inventory report, and the data is updated immediately.
  • Manage multiple prices and discounts. Have separate in-store pricing versus online Web Store pricing.
  • Fast product searches, with Filter search on product description, and many search parameters – finding products is a breeze
  • Dynamically create product groups, suppliers, users, and warehouses
  • Mix and match quantity pricing - design unlimited campaigns and schedule to execute on all or partial stores
  • BOGO (buy one get one free) – design unlimited campaigns and schedule to execute on all or partial stores
  • And much more....

Sales Promotion & Marketing

Smart & Profitable

  • Create sophisticated sales and marketing campaigns easily from Head Office
  • Target the campaigns to specific locations or entire company
  • Target Specific Departments and Inventory categories
  • Push all Campaigns to Stores in Real Time
  • Schedule your Campaigns and see them Execute automatically across your entire company
  • Have Multiple Campaigns Running at the same time
  • Build Buy X get Y campaigns
  • Mix-and-Match pricing
  • Promotions and special pricing
  • Schedule promotions by item, department, category or vendor
  • Schedule multiple promotions at the same time to trigger on specific time intervals
  • Maintain different pricing for each location
  • Sales Pricing and Event management
  • Fixed Pricing Schemas
  • Variable Pricing Schemas