Custom Programs

Welcome to RSIOB’s custom program page. RSIOB has taken a different view regarding custom programs. Typically on web sites such as this, you would find a list of custom programs for you to look through and decide if any of them would be for you. We feel that this narrows your thought process to some extent. We want to have you open your mind to possibilities with your POS software and think “outside the box”.

There are many modules within the designed software where you must feel that the software is lacking functionality and a “Custom Program” or “Plugin” would enhance the base program and give you a return on investment (ROI). There have been many times that we have asked retail customers, “If this was a Holiday, or your birthday, what would you want the program to do? To save you time, or be more efficient, or get a report, etc.”

One way of discovering these areas is by talking with your staff, from POS associates for sales, purchasing and receiving staff to make sure that you are ordering properly and getting it on the floor in a timely manner, from your finance area, to “anything is possible” with custom programming. This includes merging data from other software that you typically use in your business.

Our Process:

First, RSIOB starts with a 1 hour free consultation where we discuss your business objectives and assess the scope of the project.  We listen to you and help to define clear-cut goals and provide a formal proposal or Design Abstract, which includes the details about your custom program, delivery time and cost estimate.  You will be able to review this proposal which is provided FREE of charge and with no obligation.

Second, once the project has been agreed upon and signed off on by both parties, we develop the necessary code and deliver, install and train appropriate staff. We can also provide support as needed.

Third, we follow up with you and make sure that this experience has been a positive one, and that we have delivered what we promised.

Please take some time thinking about what you would like to get accomplished and the ROI that you would expect to receive, and allow RSIOB to assist you in this process. We can be reached at or use the “contact us” page and we will be happy to return your communication.

If it was a Holiday, or your birthday, what gift would you request from your POS Software performance?

Remember, Retail Support Is Our Business!